So that COVID-19 doesn’t get to take one more life away. 

Support our children and families in Building Hope Project.

Suggested Amounts

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change people's way of life around the world, our student community at Building Hope Project has experienced an unexpected turn of events. To protect the nation from an outbreak, the government of Uganda has ordered all schools, along with other institutions, to be shut down for a minimum of one month beginning March 20th, 2020. Because 100% of our students rely on the two meals each day they receive from Kiira Primary School for their meals during the week, this poses a great risk to them and their families' ability to secure food. We know unless we safely provide additional support for food and important hygiene and medical products to our families, the consequences can be irreversible. 

We are asking for you to partner with us to provide:

  • Meals for fifty (50) 4-family households for up to three months to be safely delivered to students' homes. 
  • Necessary medical and hygiene products to be safely delivered to students' homes. 
  • Educational curriculum worksheets, booklets, and school materials for students to continue learning to be safely delivered to their homes. 

As usual, 100% of your proceeds are tax-deductible and solely used for services and expenses for our students and families. Though we sponsor fifty households, the more we raise, the more households we can support for other children and families. Now more than ever, our students need your support and investment. Let's continue to join as one around the world to show that love will win. Thank you.

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